Measures taken at the hotel to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

Hotel Imperial  have their doors to your holiday opened, promising maximum safety and a warm welcome.


General measures:

  • All of our collaborators have their temperature checked before the start of their work shift.
  • We ask each guest to sign a self-declaration upon arrival, which certifies the absence of symptoms resulting from respiratory infection and not to have a body temperature above 37.5 ° C.
  • Hand sanitizing gel stands have been installed in various points of the hotel for guests and staff
  • The entire housekeeping team has been properly trained to perform a correct sanitation of the common areas and sleeping rooms.
  • At the reception desk and in the common areas there is an obligation to respect the interpersonal safety distance of at least 1 metre.
  • We ask each guest to wear respiratory protection in all the common areas of the hotel and in cases where it is not possible to respect the distance of 1 metre dictated by the rules of social distancing.
  • Guests not belonging to the same family and staff are asked to avoid any type of physical contact (handshakes, hugs and kisses).
  • Guests are asked not to create gatherings within the common areas and to reduce their time spent inside the reception area.
  • Everything that is provided for use by the hotel is sanitized before and after each use.
  • Elevator access is allowed at the same time for guests staying in the same room. 
  • The daily sanitation of common areas and rooms is carried out by our highly qualified and trained cleaning staff.
  • Cleaning and sanitization processes are carried out separately to ensure maximum hygiene.
  • The cleaning staff is equipped with personal protective equipment.
  • All rooms are aired out when the cleaning staff enter.
  • If the guest finds cleaning staff inside their room, they must wait for the cleaning and sanitization process to be completed before entering.
  • Any guest is entitled to request that their room is not cleaned and/or turndown service during the duration of their stay.
  • All surfaces are treated with appropriate sanitizing solutions. Particular attention is paid to critical points, such as handles, grab bars and push-button panels.
  • The air conditioning systems are sanitized according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Serving of food and drink:

  • The dining room and kitchen staff have been trained on the safety standards to be respected, in order to guarantee service based on maximum safety.
  • The tables in the hall are spaced at least 1 metre apart so that there is no contact between guests of the different rooms.
  • Tablecloths are replaced at each change of guest and the table is sanitized after each service.
  • Buffet service is temporarily suspended. The dining room staff is available to guests to guarantee "buffet to table" service during breakfast.
  • The menu available to guests is sanitized before and after each use .
  • Room, tables, chairs and other surfaces subject to contact are sanitized daily.
  • The dining room and kitchen staff are equipped with personal protective equipment.


To avoid creating waiting lines at the reception, we have adopted the following check-in system:

  • we request our guests to send all the information necessary for registration before arrival, together with a copy of the identity document that will be shown upon arrival;
  • we use electronic keys that are sanitized and ready to distribute to guests;


Pool area:

  • The outdoor pools are open and available to guests with controlled access. The sun loungers are positioned to guarantee social distancing.


Symptomatic cases If a guest inside the facility should experience symptoms attributable to the Covid-19 infection (fever, breathing difficulties), they must promptly notify the hotel management staff, who will inform the competent health authorities.

To reduce the risk of infection, the guest will be invited to wait for the arrival of the health authorities inside their room or in an isolated environment.

This document is subject to changes and / or implementations relating to the developments of the state of emergency and any decrees and orders issued at a national and regional level.


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